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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Robin Givhan Attacks Kids

Robin Givhan is the Washington Post’s Style Editor. In a recent article she criticizes the Roberts’ kids for the way they were dressed during their introduction by President Bush. You have to read the whole thing to appreciate how viciously she goes after Judge Roberts THROUGH HIS CHILDREN.

“His wife and children stood before the cameras, groomed and glossy in pastel hues -- like a trio of Easter eggs, a handful of Jelly Bellies, three little Necco wafers.”

Here is Givhan's picture.

Robin her own self—looking for all the world like a half-eaten chocolate cupcake from a Mary Kay store opening. (from Protein Wisdom)

Here's Michelle Malkin on Givhan's history:

Time and again, Washington Post Style reporter Robin Givhan hides behind fashion snarking and culture reporting to savage conservatives. She did it with Katherine Harris and Dick Cheney and John Bolton--and I'm sure you can remember many more examples of partisan mockery.

From Mary Katherine Ham at we have
"One final note for Robin: Referring to regular Americans as "light-up/shoe-buying hoi polloi" displays a much higher degree of upper-crusty condescension than dressing your kids in seersucker and gingham does."

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