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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Karl Rove's Web

It's hard to believe but this bit of hilarity is actually found on The Huffington Post.



Right from day one, Karl Rove cemented his link with the religious right, by being born on Dec 25, 1950, a day many on the right refer to as “Christmas," a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (an influential leader worshiped by the religious right.) It was no surprise that Dec 25, 1950 was ALSO the same EXACT day Communist forces recrossed the 38th parallel into South Korea. Clearly, Rove was already making an impact.

"This is what he does," says one observer.

After an unremarkable stint in high school, Rove entered the University of Utah, which currently ranks FIFTH HIGHEST among the nation's campuses for drug-related arrests. Rove dropped out after a few years. What is more interesting: when you research other individuals who have dropped out of college, two names keep coming up.

Rush Limbaugh. Tucker Carlson.


Rove began his political career with the College Republicans, an organization operating on college campuses with the expressed goal of extolling the virtues of the Republican party. Although not at his branch, or during his period of involvement, there was another well-known member of the College Republicans. His name was Lee Atwater.

Lee Atwater is dead.
Like Paul Wellstone.
Like Ron Brown.
Like John Tower.
The list could go on. All died in air crashes, with the exception of Lee Atwater. In Rove's world, the exception clearly proves the rule. And vice versa.

Read the whole thing...

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