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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big Rodent fouls Donks' front porch with droppings

FreeRepublic's "JohnHuang2" has a dead-on but hilarious take on the current "Culture of Corruption" engulfing the DEMOCRATS.


According to the New York Times, in recent weeks "a handful of once-safe Republican Congressional seats have come into play, and other Republican incumbents are facing increasingly stiff re-election battles, according to analysts, pollsters and officials in both parties. The change amounts to a slight but significant shift in the playing field, and a potentially pivotal change in the dynamics of this midterm election."

According to the Washington Post, a growing number of "once-safe (House) districts are turning into potential problems (for the GOP). Incumbent poll numbers have soften. Margins against their Democratic opponents have narrowed. Republican voters appear disenchanted. The Bush effect now amounts to a drag of five percentage points or more in many districts."

And, according to the Associated Press, "Republicans are three steps from a November shellacking." With less than six months to go, "most Democrats and Republican strategists say the first two elements are in place for now -- a national, anti-incumbent mind-set -- and all signs point to the third," the third being voters viewing the midterm elections as a referendum on President Bush and the GOP-led Congress."

To avoid looking one-sided, the AP titled the article, Democrats eye November landslide. Ron Fournier, an expert at counting chickens before they never hatch, wrote the piece. Even in a crowd, you can easily spot Ron Fournier. He's the one dressed up as Baghdad Bob.

So, Americans are disenchanted with Republicans over immigration, Iraq, and corruption scandals in Congress. So Americans just can't wait to turn the country over to the party of blanket amnesty for illegals, surrender in Iraq and exemplary political reformers like William Jefferson, Alan Mollohan, Maxine Waters, John Conyers. And blazing foreign policy intellects like Susan Saradon and Michael Moore.

Pollsters claim that about 70 percent of Americans think the country has swerved in the wrong direction, and want the party of Patrick Kennedy at the wheel.

And if the 'Crats seize control of the House this November, there'll be overwhelming pressure from the party's psychotic base to implement their bold and visionary 3-part plan to make America safe: (1) Impeach Bu$Hitler, (2) impeach Darth Cheney, (3) impeach Bu$Hitler.

Bush gets impeached for "spying" on al-Qaeda-Americans. Darth Cheney for having a hunting accident. And for the Iraq war. And for "outing" Valerie Plame, the domestic spy.

With Dumbya and Cheney locked up at a naval brig, no longer a threat to world peace, Pelosi becomes only the second woman president! (Geena Davis was the first, of course, but women-hating ABC network pulled the plug on her.) Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to Bush's impeachment: Freezergate.

Putting the kibosh on the donk 'strategy' of running against the 'GOP Culture of Corruption' to win back Congress, Democrat Rep. William Jefferson is now the poster boy for Washington political corruption.

Just when you thought the jails were already filled with Democrats. Which is why Hillary Clinton and John Kerry want to restore voting rights for felons. Expands the Democrat base.

The Louisiana Congressman was taking bribes from a technology company to help it obtain business deals in Africa. It's part of Jefferson's touching 'Leave no crooked tech company behind' plan.

He was videotaped by the feds last July accepting $100,000 in marked $100 bills in a sting operation. The FBI searched Jefferson's home a month later and found almost all of the cash there. The idiot had wrapped $90,000 in foil, pressed them into plastic food containers, then stuffed it all in his freezer. Of course, if the idea was to avoid jail and keep money and documents in a safe place, he could've stuffed them into Sandy Berger's pants. (In a related development, a search of Sen. Harry Reid's freezer turned up 90,000 ringside boxing tickets.)

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