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Monday, June 12, 2006

Virginina Pilot: 2nd Amendment rights and Christians are "unconventional political attitudes" among Democrats

The Virginian Pilot, commenting on the primary race between Miller and Webb for the right to carry the Democrats banner in the upcoming election to try to unseat George Allen, made a surprisingly honest assertion when it wrote:

Meantime, of course, Democrats - often awkwardly - have been working to expand their own house, embracing - often uncomfortably - people of unconventional political attitudes. At the top of this list are pro-gun pragmatists like former Gov. Mark Warner and his successor, Tim Kaine, who wears his Catholic faith on his sleeve.

This assertion can only be interpreted one way: support for the 2nd amendment and Christianity are “unconventional political attitudes” among Democrats. They must also appear to be unconventional attitudes among the editorial writers at the Virginian Pilot. But I repeat myself.

This proves once again that Ann coulter is right.

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