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Saturday, June 10, 2006

How The "Drive By Media" Spits in Your Soup

The Washington Post headline promises to tell you "How U.S. Forces Found Iraq's Most-Wanted Man."

The writer, Jonathan Finer, then takes four brief paragraphs to tell you something that you probably already heard, if you are one of the 20 million that listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News.

Beginning with pargagraph five, Finer deposits his first spitball:

The successful strike on Zarqawi came at a time of dwindling support for the Iraq war in the United States and intense scrutiny of alleged killings of unarmed civilians by U.S. Marines.

Does this add to the story or carry it along? No, but it makes it clear that this is not going to be an objective relay of facts on how we got this terrorist.

In a deeply divided Iraq, the killing of the Jordanian-born insurgent leader -- whom the government painted as a foreign invader --

Here Finer implies that Zarquawi is NOT a foreign invader, that's just a "government painted" slander
...was hailed with varying degrees of enthusiasm by leaders of all mainstream political factions: Sunni and Shiite Muslim Arabs and ethnic Kurds. But across the country, there were few raucous celebrations, and some Iraqis said they were saddened by the loss of the most visible symbol of resistance to Iraq's new order brought on by the American invasion.

Despite TV images of celebrating Iraqis, Finer insists that the celebrations were few (or not raucous enough for his taste) and he found "some" Iraqis who were saddened by this monster's loss. This is believeable. Despite the fact that stalin was arguably the worlds champion mass murderer, it is reliably reported that many Russians cried at his death.

U.S. and Iraqi officials cautioned Thursday that insurgents had prepared for life without Zarqawi and would continue the fight without him. But they expressed hope that his removal would ultimately help tame the fighting and bring stability to Iraq.

Message from Finer to the American people: don't get your hopes up, the death of Zarquawi will not make any difference.

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