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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What are We Fighting and How Do We Win?

Victor Davis Hansen asks questions that, after five years of terror attacks, need to be faced:
The West’s plight vis-à-vis radical Islam is therefore akin to Hercules’ epic encounter with the multi-headed Hydra-monster. Every time the mythical strongman lopped off one of the monster’s heads, two new ones grew in its place. To slay the beast once and for all, Hercules learned to cauterize the stumps with fire, thereby preventing any more heads from sprouting out.

Similarly while the West continues to lop off monster heads like figurehead Zarqawi, it is imperative to treat the malady — radical Islam — in order to ultimately prevail. Victory can only come when the violent ideologies of radical Islam are cauterized with fire.

But alas, the Hydra-monster is myth, while radical Islam is stark reality.

Winning hearts and minds may be very well, but hearts and minds who embrace death for you if you don't believe as they do, may be impossible to change by being kind and doing good. The horror of total war may be looming in our future.

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