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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Saddam Lawyer Shot Dead

From Peter Glover's Wire:

I was sorry to hear that Saddam's defence lawyer Khamis al-Obeidi has been found shot dead near Sadr City in Baghdad. It seems, one way or another, people keep dying because of this man.

Personally I am all for cutting short the whole thing. There is more than enough evidence in the public domain already which proves Saddam's guilt. Let's shoot him now and the world, once again, will be a safer least for defence lawyers of mass murderers in Iraq.

NOTE TO LIBERALS: We should of course shoot Saddam dead in the most humane fashion possible and in full accordance with his rights as a psychopathic killers. But then, to show how much more magnanimous and caring we are we perhaps should offer him the humane alternatives of lethal injection or stringing him up. The latter would at least reveal our Green credentials as it would conserve pressure energy and lethal poison reserves. Then, of course, we could just re-bury him in the rat-hole we found him in. But, then again, perhaps I am just going soft.

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