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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Department of Homeland Security is Right

First it was the turn for the Right to be outraged by a DHS report warning that – among others - veterans, the unemployed, people unable to obtain credit, opponents of illegal immigration, racists, anti-Semites, gun owners, civil libertarians, people who oppose abortion, people who oppose homosexual marriage, paranoids, people who buy guns and ammunition, Christians, and anti-Communists were ripe for being recruited into ‘right wing extremist” groups.

Today we are treated to the revelation that the Virginia Fusion Center (which is funded by the DHS) has spotted other links to terrorist groups. While the Virginian Pilot was apparently unaware of the DHS report on right wing terrorism, they take this report very seriously indeed. That’s because it identified groups that (unlike right wing extremist) they think are just great. This time several local “historically black” colleges are singled out as breeding grounds for terror cells. The report also mentions Pat Robertson’s Regent University, a local anti-abortion group and the military. The entire report is here.

Broadsides from the press, the university community and the ACLU notwithstanding, I have to agree with the DHS. The groups singled out in the reports are a threat to the established order.

From the Left, anger will be directed at elements of the old regime and those parts of conservative society who publicly oppose the new direction the Left are taking the country. The left has always been the natural home of the Jihadists of Islam, communists and anarchists. We did not need a report to know that.

On the part of the Right, we may see a birth of activism that has previously been the province of the Left. The “Tea Parties” were just that, genteel and very refined as street theater. Who can last remember an anti-government demonstration that included men in suits and women in skirts? It is possible that demonstrations by the Right, fueled by attacks from the Left, may become as raucous as those on the Left.

And as the power of the government grows, the treats referenced in these reports will become an even bigger threat to order, and that means a threat to government. The rise of this threat to order is the government itself: an administration that has chosen an economic “black swan” event to deliberately move the country violently to the Left. The administration's fanning the flame of partisan warfare is adding fuel to this fire.

So I believe that the DHS may have warned about the future very well. If you read the reports you will understand the government’s view of the people it governs.

How do you like it?

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