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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did We Elect Borat President?

I’m like 95 percent certain about this; it just fits, the more I think about it. Don’t all the weird gaffes and the strange adoration of Obama make sense if it were all some Borat-type gag? A lot of the humor in Borat’s character is that Cohen presented him as a well-meaning foreigner who gets people to dismiss his eccentricities as cultural differences. He’d keep getting weirder and weirder to see how far he could go before people stopped being polite. He’s doing the same thing with his Bruno character for a movie coming out this summer. With Obama, though, he’s using a bit of a different approach. We had all these people (probably actors — at least in the beginning) loving him for no apparent reason and declaring to us what a smart person this new politician Obama was. Thus, everyone thought all his weirdness was just what a smart, new type of politician was like....

It’s coming. A movie will come out called Barack Obama: President of America for Make Benefit Change and Hope of World, and if there is no inkling we were in on the joke, we’re going to be the laughing stocks of the entire world. America will never be able to show its face again on the international stage.

That’s why both those defending Obama and those railing against his politics are wrongheaded. Because they’re both taking him seriously and are going to look like fools in the end. We have to put a stop to this and face the fact the Obama administration is just a big, mean (though quite clever) gag. At the next White House press conference, the press needs to stand up and say to the president, “We know it’s really you, Sacha Baron Cohen. Not cool!” Then they need to walk out. Otherwise, we’re all going to look stupid.

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