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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama the Pitchfork Operator: A Remake of the Soviet Classic

Oleg Atbashian at Pajamas Media relates the story of another "community organizer." He begins tentatively:

While some of today’s comparisons between Obama and communist dictators may go over the top, the general direction of such thinking is not without merit

I don't think it's without merit at all. What is without merit is the belief that "it can't happen here," or that societies are transformed in the blink of an eye: today we're a democracy and overnight we have become a totalitarian dictatorship. But the tendencies are there, the will to levelling, a complaint press, the organized thugs, the politicization of all things. And the people will, for the most part go along; they always do. People go to work and go home and live their lives; they have no taste for conflict but seek safety and keeping their heads down.
I will be curious to see if there are any heroes in this.

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jill said...

You're so right.