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Thursday, April 23, 2009

GE's Immelt: Faith, morality and academic freedom are at oods.

Shilling for Obama now appears to be a full time career move for Jeff Immelt. He wrote a letter to the University of Notre Dame which has been embroiled in a controversy regarding its invitation to Obama as it's commencement speaker.

Faith traditions and the institution's moral compass can sometimes seem at odds with academic freedom

This from the man who managed the decline of GE from a $60 stock to a $6 stock in 9 years, cut the dividend 68% (a major income source for many GE retirees) and lost GE it's AAA credit rating. For this, he collected $14 million in pay just this last year, a reduction from his pay in prior years. As a shareholder said at the last annual meeting: "...we can buy your level of incompetence for a hell of a lot less"
So, he's shilling for Obama at Notre Dame ... and slamming faith and morality in an academic setting. Is Immelt right? Is there a conflict between faith, morality and academic freedom in the modern academy? That seems an appropriate topic of discussion.

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thisishabitforming said...

So Jenkins is feeling enough heat to get some names on his side.

There are principles that are not open to debate. To have the Pro Infanticide President speak and receive an honorary degree at a University that is synonomous with the Catholic Church which has the Sanctity of Human Life as its most basic principle is unbelievable.

A person or institution that will deny its basic tenets to ride a pseudo wave of popularity over a media created figure who disses our friends and allows himself and this nation to be insulted by tyrants may get praise from the likes of Immelt but I wouldn't brag about it.