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Thursday, April 30, 2009

President "It Wasn't Me"

It’s become a bleat: “it wasn’t me.” Try a Google search of “Obama denies” and you get over 10 million hits. No matter what the problem is, it’s never his fault. Responding to the accusation from Daniel Ortega that everything that’s wrong in Latin America is the fault of the United States, Obama makes a lame but revealing jab at humor. Mitt Romney’s statement sums up my feelings:

At last week’s Summit of the Americas, President Obama acquiesced to a 50-minute attack on America as terroristic, expansionist, and interventionist from Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega. His response to Ortega’s denunciation of our effort to free Cuba from Castro’s dictatorship was that he shouldn’t be blamed “for things that happened when I was three months old.” Blamed? Hundreds of men, including Americans, bravely fought and died for Cuba’s freedom, heeding the call from newly elected president John F. Kennedy.

Mark Steyn gets to the essence…

re President Obama's response at the Summit of the Americas: “I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”
What struck me (aside from its unfortunate echoes of his self-absolvement with regard to what William Ayers did when young Barack was eight years old) was the reductive narcissism of the answer. Barack Obama is not a banana-republic coup-leader resetting the calendar to Year Zero. When he travels abroad, he represents two-and-a-third centuries of constitutional continuity. The impression he gives that that's all just some dreary backstory of no real relevance to the Barack Obama biopic he's starring in 24/7 is very unusual in the chief of state of one of the oldest democratic polities on the planet. And not entirely reassuring.

It is said that you have to be an egomaniac to want to be President. I don’t believe that. But I do believe that we have one now; someone for whom reality does not exist outside of himself.

"I never listed to his sermons, he was just a guy in my neighborhood, I was only three months old, I was only eight years old, the deficits were not my fault, the future deficits are not my fault, rising energy prices will not be my fault, Air Force One buzzing Manhattan is not my fault, rising unemployment is not my fault, people losing their homes they could not afford after I pushed lenders to give them loans is not my fault, lousy public schools in Chicago are not my fault even though I spend $100 million on them. They...them, ... those ... Bush ... Bush .... Bush is at fault for everything."

Obama is a newborn messiah who has sprung fully formed from the head of Zeus setting aright the shambles created by its previous 43 presidents of this fatally flawed country we call America.

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