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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barack doesn't beat Michelle.

Peggy Noonan in the WSJ pens her analysis of Obama’s mistakes that contribute to his sliding polls and the loss the Democrats suffered in NY-9. She ends her essay by trying to say something nice about Barack, mentioning that he isn’t mean, there have been no scandals and that he, Michelle and his grandmother are living in the White House.

Apparently branding your opponents racist may be despicable but in Peggy’s world it isn’t mean. Neither is trying to destroy your opponents as the White House went after Rush Limbaugh and FOX News … among others.

There has been no scandal if you don’t count the gunrunning in “Fast & Furious” or the crony capitalism that funneled over half a billion dollars to Solyndra, and then restructured the loan to give first claim in bankruptcy court to Barack’s contributors. And lest we forget, Obama’s fundraising via unchecked credit card donations in 2008; the one where Good Will and Doodad Pro along with thousands of other improbables contributed to the Obama campaign.

If people like Noonan, Obama suckers all, are reduced to praising Barack Obama for staying with Michelle and not abandoning his children, it tells you something about the people who supported him in 2008 and are about to do so again.

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thisishabitforming said...

Whenever you see the Obama's traveling anywhere you always see the prez holding the hand of one of his daughters as they walk to or from Marine One. I find this interesting since when my kids were that age they didn't want to hold my hand. As a matter of fact they never wanted to hold my hand. So I imagine the instructions before stepping into camera range. On the other hand he's plays a lot of golf.