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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama’s Disquieting Heroic Fantasies

Peter Wehner in Commentary.
I have written before about Obama’s deep, almost desperate, need to portray himself as the opposite of what he is, to conceive of himself in a way that is at odds with reality. We have seen it in all sorts of areas, including claiming himself to be a voice of civility, portraying himself as a champion of bi-partisanship, lecturing others about profligate spending, and saying he is the only responsible “adult” in Washington. Now we see this habit in a new arena – this time, the president as Obama the Stoic, a man so committed to “pressing on” for the cause of social justice he just doesn’t have time to feel sorry for himself. Indeed, he has now decided to sermonize to others not to complain, not to grumble, and to “stop crying.”

I have been working under the assumption that Obama knows that he’d lying, knew he was creating straw men and creating false choices. The thought that he is actually deluding himself and believes what he says is even more disturbing. It means that we don’t have a knave as President, but a delusional fool. That’s dangerous.

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