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Monday, September 12, 2011

On Vacation

In the middle of a vacation, and checking the internet there are a few sites that are always able to give us a quick but thorough overview of what’s happening in the world away from sun, water and cool breezes.  And no, I’m not talking of islands but of beautiful Michigan and its Lake Superior and Lake Michigan shores.

Pictures when I return.

For a rapid overview there’s DRUDGE who gives us pictures and headlines and is now more influential than the NY Times.  A paper in its dotage has become a caricature - and a punching bag - that even Liberals won’t bother to defend any longer.  The Times and the US Post Office are both sliding into irrelevance.

For pithy comments as well as a universal overview of the important events and thoughts of the day, there’s Glenn Reynolds, Professor Instapundit.

More later.

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