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Monday, September 26, 2011

Authentically Black!

Authentically Black!

The answer to the question: what is Herman Cain and not Barack Obama?

In 2008 the Democrats nominated their version of a “black man:” a Harvard grad born in Hawaii to a white woman, and raised by his white grandmother. He was their “great black hope” … in the words of Joe Biden: “clean and articulate.” A chimera, a foolish fantasy, who’s primary tool for advancement is acting as a blank screen for weak minded people who wanted to see their own desires reflected back at them.

Stepping straight out of the pages of GQ Magazine, with a brilliant smile and perfectly creased pants, he made a thrill run up their legs. He was the made-for-media candidate complete with Hollywood sets, fake Styrofoam columns and fainting fans. In the other corner you had a fading war hero whose primary constituency, the MSM, enlisted in Obama’s army. It’s not really fair to say they abandoned McCain because their support was always intended to make him the Republican candidate and then to  eviscerated him during the election. McCain, not the sharpest tool in the shed, never knew what hit him.

It would be fascinating to see how a Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama election campaign would change the American electoral map. Most specifically, how would the Black community voting patterns change? Their economic situation has gotten much, much worse. Obama has appointed many black officials, but these have been of “The talented tenth” variety. For example, Obama recently nominated the black publisher of the Virginian Pilot, Maurice Jones, to be Deputy Secretary of HUD. He has done nothing for the woman who works the checkout register at the local cafeteria telling each customer to “have a blessed day.”

Would Herman Cain resonate with the average black man or woman if they had to choose between the Liberal’s dream of a black man and a real black man? One eats arugula and one made pizza. One went to Harvard and the other to Morehouse.

I know how I and lots of my friends are going to vote. It’s “ABO” (anyone but Obama). The interesting question is how the black vote will split because without the black vote Obama doesn’t have that checkout lady’s prayer.

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