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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Democrats are running away from Obama. Can Obama distance Obama from Obama?

 Running to replace Anthony Weiner in Queens, Democrat Weprin says: Obama? Who's that?
I’ve never met President Obama. [Turner] is running against me,” Weprin said during an event at the Young Israel of Forest Hills Senior League.
Not knowing Obama is now a plus for Democrats running for office.

That may actually work for people who are not Obama, but how can Obama pull that off?

Could he change his name to Barry Soetoro and claim that the last few years were all a dream ... a bad nightmare?

Re-elect me and you’ll find that we didn’t blow a trillion dollars on a stimulus that didn’t stimulate; that we’re so deep in debt that Standard & Poor's downgraded our bonds and US government bonds are now riskier than Liechtenstein's.

When you wake up you'll find that Sarah Palin is Vice President, that I put her in charge of energy production and now we’re energy independent because we drilled for oil in Alaska, the Gulf and the continental shelf and that gasoline is 30 cents a gallon.

While you were sleeping I passed free-market health care reform that reins in the trial lawyers and allows insurers to cross state lines which reduced medical costs.

I really didn’t stiff bondholders and nationalize GM, and when you rub the sleep from your eyes you'll find we have a new, vibrant auto industry instead of zombie car companies making government mandated cars that sell in the dozens.

I didn’t introduce one stupid program after another like cash for clunkers.

I didn’t create home re-finance schemes that keeps the housing industry from finding a bottom so that people can buy a home without worrying that the house they just bought will be worth less than their mortgage next year.

I didn’t sell guns to Mexican drug cartels.

I didn’t bow to foreign potentates and kings and the people in foreign countries actually don’t hate us more than they did under Bush.

Hey, it worked in an episode of Dallas!

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit

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