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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunny TV wears the hijab. You can too, just don't use your underwear.


Joel Raupe said...

Easily the funniest thing, about an unfunny subject, I've read all week. That's especially true after catching up on Ann Barnhardt's posts last night, "Taliban Rule 19," etc.

Gave me a "urinary shiver," wondering whether turning the land between Qom and India into a radioactive DMZ might not be the best idea, after all!

It would be civilized more rapidly and raise the native IQ average at least 10 points to depopulate 100,000 square miles or so, in all directions from Helmand Provence.

(Rant over, and out)

BlogDog said...

Made me think of that line in "Raising Arizona:" "Son, you got a panty on yore head."
I like Sunny's better.