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Friday, December 14, 2012


Patrick Moran smashed in his girlfriend’s face; Tommy Christopher slams the real villains: Ace and Twitchy

Let’s recap: Patrick Moran, son of Dem Rep. Jim Moran, entered a guilty plea for assaulting his girlfriend, Kelly Hoffman. She now says it was “accidental,” but officers on the scene witnessed the woman-beating sleazebag slam Hoffmans’ head into a metal trash can cage. She was “bleeding heavily” from what appeared to be a broken nose and her eye socket was so swollen a medical technician suspected a skull fracture.
But you know who’s “really horrible and stupid”? Conservatives, natch. You know, no redeeming (D) after their names.
Sensitive, lady-loving Mediaite feminist Tommy Christopher was so distraught over the appalling domestic abuse that he immediately lashed out at the filthy lowlife. Er, make that lowlifes: Twitchy and blogger Ace of Spades.

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