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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The Virginian Pilot Option and the Sane Option

Following my prior comments regarding the Virginian Pilot’s worthless opinions on how to prevent mass shootings in “gun free zones” like schools, I ran across this blog post which expresses my reasoning, so why don’t I just use his words rather than making up my own.

Option One, the [Virginian Pilot] option: The mass murdering asshole shows up with a gun and proceeds to mow down children and adults until he runs out of ammo, runs out of targets, or runs out of patience. Total body count limited only by his imagination and his endurance. When the cops show up or he just gets tired of killing he shoots himself. Afterwards the mass media spends weeks telling everyone every single detail of his life turning him into a sick famous anti-hero.

Option Two, the Sane option: Every person who even thinks about mowing down school children has to worry that he might get shot dead before he really gets started. Instead of being free to slaughter with impunity, he has to worry that as soon as he gets started he might get shot. He has to worry that he will die and the only mention he will get is a footnote in the story while the teacher, principal, guidance counselor, or janitor spends a week being a national hero.

Let’s be fucking real here. My gun is a .45ACP Springfield XD. I carry it with 10+1 with a spare 13 round magazine. For those whose math skills are as bad as [The Virginian Pilot] logic skills, that adds up to 24 rounds. If I was to haul out my pistol and fire every single round and every single round hit and killed a person I still couldn’t kill as many people as that disgusting creature killed in Newton. It is not humanly possible for me to have increased the chaos.

This is why the Left hates guns with a screaming passion. If you and I can use a gun to make the world a safer place, then so can they. Yet people like [the Virginian Pilot's editors] are too scared to take any responsibility for their own safety or for the safety of the children in their class. Rather than confront their own cynicism and cowardice they loudly proclaim that YOU are the problem. They demand that we accept that NOTHING can be done to cover up for the fact that they know in their hearts that THEY are too scared to lift a finger to defend their children.

We know what the Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary did. We know that she paid with her life for our calculated decision to ban her and people like her from carrying a gun. She probably never even thought of it before that fateful day. She might have even been violently against guns. But I want you to imagine that you had the ability to stop time 2 seconds after she realized what was going on in her school. If you had the ability to stop time, offer her a gun, and tell her how to use it against the killer, do you honestly think she would have turned you down? Can you imagine her saying “nope, no guns. I’d prefer that the children died and I die with them?”

Fuck no.

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