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Friday, December 28, 2012


Mexican kids are being murdered for a good cause!

The Diplomad 2.0 reminds us that dead kids are always and everywhere a prop for the left to advance their agenda.  The people of Sandy Hook are begin exploited to promote disarming the american people.  Before that the Obama Administration was busy "proving" that American guns were arming the Mexican drug cartels. 

 I have learned from the left over the past decades is that it's the ends that count. Everything and everyone is merely a prop for some political objective. Poor Bolivian Indians . . . great, an opportunity to bash international corporations, capitalism, and the USA. Dead white kids in a school . . . great, an opportunity to undermine the second amendment and that hideously embarrassing Red Neck "gun culture." Dead black or hispanic kids on the streets of Chicago and LA . . . great, an opportunity to blame it on gun owners in Virginia and Florida. Need to "prove" American gun stores supply the cartels? No problem, set up a government program to ship thousands of guns to Mexican criminals and watch the body count rise! Those Mexican kids are being murdered for a good cause!

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