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Monday, December 31, 2012


Hollywood is a culture of violence

"Demand celebrities go fuck themselves."

Watch this video clip to see why these hypocrites should be laughed off the national stage.

As these purveyors of violence porn say: "Enough."

And as a good start, here are some of my proposals to raise some badly needed money and get these fat fuckers to pay their fair share
let’s have a 100% sales tax on the sale of movie tickets, CDs, videos and all other entertainment. These are purely luxury items and will not affect the ability of the poor to live. Movies tickets, CD rentals and DVD sales alone should raise $30 billion.

We should investigate the accounting practices of the movie industry. There is something seriously wrong with an industry that claims that Forrest Gump never made a profit. We don’t know how badly this industry has cheated the IRS, but let’s assume that $30 billion is a lowball number.

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