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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The Virginian Pilot’s Front Page Editorials

The Virginian Pilot, like most of the MSM doesn’t keep its editorial opinion on the editorial page. The paper’s editorial opinions are on full display on the front page.
By its editors’ decisions as to what constitutes the news.
Since the shootings in Connecticut, the editors of the Virginian Pilot have decided that the front page of this so-called “local” paper should be devoted to the shooting. Not so controversial you say? Well, what about relegating the Benghazi attacks on our embassy and the death of our Americans to the back pages? Even today, the report that the Obama administration was derelict in its duty in protecting the embassy in Benghazi gets inside-the paper coverage.
Meanwhile the school shootings get covered on the front page of the paper, the front page of the second section (Hampton Roads) and the lead editorial, an op-ed, every letter to the editor that they printed as well as a totally misleading editorial cartoon by Tom Toles, a well-paid liar for the Washington Post, telling us that the shooter was using a machine gun (he wasn’t).
There was a brief mention on the inside of the paper about the fact that a pistol purchased by the George Gillett, Asst. Special Agent in Charge of ATF Phoenix when Fast and Furious began ended up at a fatal shooting in Mexico. What was not mentioned is that Agent Gillett falsified information to buy the gun in the first place.   No curiosity was exhibited as to how a gun owned by the ATF agent in charge of the ATF Phoenix office ended up in a Mexican crime scene.   It must be just one of those coincidences.  But it does allow the Virginian Pilot's editors to claim later on, in case anyone  ever asks, that they covered the story.  It's called papering your behind.
And once again the paper called Fast and Furious a “botched gun tracking operation” when it was nothing of the sort. There was no gun tracking. The Obama administration facilitated the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Every time Fast & Furious is described as a botched operation it furthers that lie that somehow the transfer of over 2000 guns to violent killers in Mexico was an accident. Let’s put it as plainly as we can. Fast & Furious was deliberately designed to provide an excuse for new gun control laws by insuring that American guns would appear at Mexican murder scenes. That having failed to use Fast & Furious as intended, the Obama administration, in coordination with the MSM have gleefully used the shootings in Connecticut as the new excuse to take guns out of the hands of civilians.
Next time the press tries to tell you that the editorials are relegated to the editorial page, keep this simple example in mind. 

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