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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Alameda County rewards boss: $400k…for life

Alameda County supervisors have really taken to heart the adage that government should run like a business — rewarding County Administrator Susan Muranishi with the Wall Street-like wage of $423,664 a year.

For the rest of her life.

According to county pay records, in addition to her $301,000 base salary, Muranishi receives:

– $24,000, plus change, in “equity pay’’ to guarantee that she makes at least 10 percent more than anyone else in the county.

– About $54,000 a year in “longevity” pay for having stayed with the county for more than 30 years.

– An annual performance bonus of $24,000.

– And another $9,000 a year for serving on the county’s three-member Surplus Property Authority, an ad hoc committee of the Board of Supervisors that oversees the sale of excess land.

Like other county executives, Muranishi also gets an $8,292-a-year car allowance.

Muranishi has been with the county for 38 years, and she’s 63. When retirement day comes, she’ll be getting a lot more than a gold watch.

That’s because, according to the county auditor’s office, Muranishi’s annual pension will be equal to the dollar total of her entire yearly package — $413,000. She also has a separate executive private pension plan, for which the county chips in $46,500 a year.

It's only money. More to the point, it's only Taxpayers money. Now it all belongs to her.  Think she's the only one?  Think again:
Calpers (that's the California Public Employees Pension Fund) now pays:
1 $371,043 Johnson, Michael, D County Of Solano
2 $328,525 Hurst, Robert Jrs San Diego County Superior Court
3 $314,713 Fuster, Joaquin, M University Of California At Los Angeles
4 $295,086 Gerth, Donald, R California State University At Sacramento
5 $289,554 Garrett, William City Of El Cajon
6 $280,504 Ream, David, N City Of Santa Ana
7 $279,480 Stahl, James, F Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 2
8 $271,250 Schlag, John, D University Of California At Los Angeles
9 $271,157 Southard, Glenn, D City Of Indio
10 $268,175 Adams, Randy, G City Of Bell

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