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Saturday, March 23, 2013


God the almighty Patsy, version 999

I rarely read the “news” section of the Virginian Pilot. That’s not what newspapers are for any more, specially this Liberal fish wrap. I read the editorial pages to find out what new idiocy the people who produce this daily contribution to physical and mental pollution are thinking. It’s also fun to read the letters they print.
Today we are treated to another in the series of “God the almighty Patsy” letters. In it the writer inveighs against people who oppose the latest Liberal fads: abortion, divorce, and homosexuality in all it physical and legal manifestations prominent among them. It ends by denouncing people who do not believe that an “all-loving God” would have a problem with any of this.
I have a sneaking suspicion … no, I total conviction … that people who invoke an “all-loving God” to justify whatever they favor don’t really believe in God, “all-loving” or otherwise. It’s just a handy tool they use whenever they run into someone who is informed by his religious faith to define what was once called sin, but is now labeled and alternative lifestyle.
Because, you see an “all-loving God” loves everyone and everything unconditionally. Kill 6 million Jews? Welcome to paradise Adolf. Kill 50 million Chinese in a Great Leap Forward? Hello Mao, here’s your golden harp. Starve millions, shoot millions more and send millions more to death in the Gulag? Saint Peter greets Stalin at the Pearly Gates knowing he simply tried to create a New Soviet Man.
Of course this reductio ad absurdum really doesn’t occur to the letter writer, the editors who print this piffle or people who nod their heads and agree. But let’s be clear. Christians believe that God is foremost just. That is the essence of Christianity because it validates Christ’s death on the cross, so that those who believe in the Son of God may be cleansed of their sins and forgiven. The writer’s “all-loving” God is an artifact, a figment of an atheist’s misunderstanding of what Christians believe. Which explains why letters like this appear so frequently in the Virginian Pilot.

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