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Sunday, March 03, 2013


High School Student Disarms Gunman…Gets Suspended?

A Florida high school student wrestled a loaded gun away from another teen on the bus ride home this week and was slapped with a suspension in return....

The school’s referral slip said he was given an “emergency suspension” for being involved in an “incident” with a weapon. Lee County School District spokesman Alberto Rodriguez said in a statement that “If there is a potentially dangerous situation, Florida law allows the principal to suspend a student immediately pending a hearing.”

I have a suggestion: have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Zero Tolerance Policies. Any school that has a zero tolerance policy must immediately fire the superintendent of schools and anyone who enforces such idiotic conduct.

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I have a suggestion. Fire them all. They are well paid for exercising professional judgement, and they are abdicating their responsibility. We can get someone to read the rule book for minimum wage.
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