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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


"Zero tolerance" for guns leads to college educated adults becoming irrational.

(1) Place: White Marsh Elementary School, Tabot County, Maryland

Tiny Terrorists: Two six-year-old boys (kindergartners)

“Weapons”: Fingers

Punishment: One-day suspension

Facts: The boys were pointing their fingers at each other during recess while playing “cops and robbers.”

(2) Place: Mount Carmel Area School District, Pennsylvania

Tiny Terrorist: A five year-old girl (kindergartener)

“Weapon”: None

Punishment: 10-day suspension for making a “terroristic threat”

Facts: The girl told a classmate she wanted to “shoot” her and herself with a “Hello Kitty” bubble gun, a tiny, pink, cartoon ray-gun shaped bubble blower. She was searched, but left the “gun” at home. She was hectored in front of her class by the teacher and threatened with arrest.
Read the whole thing.

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More and more, they make the case for home schooling,
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