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Saturday, March 09, 2013


Washington as "Hunger Games"

"I really think American politics today has migrated from an NFL atmosphere to 'Hunger Games,' " he pointed out. "Even in the NFL, an athlete will reach down and lift their opponent back up. In 'Hunger Games,' you make sure your opponent is never ever capable of getting up again."

A perfect example of this is the relentless destruction of Sarah Palin, a talented politician and effective Governor who was ruthlessly mocked for the way she talked, for things she never said and things she never did.
I think that politicians are beginning to see that they are turning the country against them. It's why Rand Paul's filibuster was such a huge hit: it was a stick in the eye of the Ruling Class.

But Washington as the capitol of the Hunger Games is much more that members of the Ruling Class conspiring to destroy those who presume to speak up.

Right thing to analogize, but wrong analogy. The analogy is how Washington DC is the gleaming rich capital city in the Hunger Games and the rest of us live in the ever poorer provinces paying ever growing tributes to those in the capital. Like in the Hunger Games those tributes of course are also paid for by our children in that it is they that will be getting the bill for the last four year's trillion plus borrowed and printed deficits for which the political class is constantly clamoring for more "revenue".

The ostentatiously and glittering parties that Obama throws,  the golfing, the vacations, Air Force One, the $40 million Hawaii estate, the servants and guards are more reminiscent of the court of Louis XVI than the president of a republic. It's not all Obama's fault, the Imperial Presidency has been accreting the trappings of royalty for some time, but the Obamas have taken it to a new level at precisely the time when the rest of America is suffering, income is shrinking, people are cutting back and the evidence is all around us that political connections are the key to wealth for many.

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