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Saturday, March 02, 2013


Rachel Maddow Fake Twitter Accounts and the MSM's lies.

Via Free Republic and Riehl World News

Being noticed is the key to ratings in the broadcast entertainment world.  So getting a lot of mentions on Twitter raises your visibility.  At Free Republic "tenger" comments:
Happens ALL the time in the twitter world. Millions of fake accounts out there being used to generate “social signals” for the search engines.
Lots of Twitter mentions is supposed to signal that Rachel Maddow is popular, that lots of people watch her, and that you should look in to see what all the excitement's about.  It's a form of "AstroTurf," a fake way of appearing to be a grass roots movement which actually is orchestrated by an organization that remains behind the scenes and has very few actual supporters.  It's the way the media builds itself up in importance and the way the Ruling Class maintains its power.
Here's a comment from Celebrity Sentry:
MSNBC MADDOW 1,052,000
That was her ratings on Wednesday night.
She finished 11th out of 11 cable news shows.
Jon Stewart's Daily Show draws about 1.3 million viewers, lagging behind Family Guy, a cartoon show and something called Robot Chicken (a show I had never heard of) which uses stop-motion animation.   There is a more complete list of ratings here.  But give Stewart some props, he's way ahead of Stephen Colbert, another Liberal comedian/pundit who hosts the Colbert Report with less than a million viewers.

What I love about these posts that prove our clown-emperors are not only naked but media-created emperors, is that people get all angry over my reporting of this fact. I know, I know -- I'm supposed to be so outraged by Bill Maher that I don't focus on these two sacred cows, but I just can't help myself.

In my opinion, the real power influencing the "low information" voters are the local newspaper and the local news shows. They run the stories that reinforce the Liberal line.

As an example, I received a call late yesterday afternoon from a local TV station asking if I wanted to appear on a segment they were doing later that evening. The report was going to be on what to do after you get your layoff notice because of the sequester. I declined for several reasons, but among them was the fact that I did not want to contribute to the panic that the media was trying to create about the horrors that were going to happen because the rate of increase in government spending was not going to be as large as originally planned.
Here is the news version in the Virginian Pilot with quotes from all the horrible things that can happen unless the government is given more money.  And here is Donald Luzzatto telling us the end is nigh. Here's his version of the Apocalypse. 
  • ... imagine 10 or 15 Ford plants closing. 
  • ... this region is going over a fiscal cliff.
  • ... Congress can't tie its shoes (Obama isn't around).
  • ... take a machete to the budget .
  • ... rock-throwing and tantrums.
  • ... worst threat to the welfare of Hampton Roads that most of us have ever seen.
  • ... One of every 20 working folks would lose their jobs.
  • ... Two parents in every classroom [would lose their job].
  • ...One house on every block [would lose it's job?].
  • ... eviscerate the nation's safety net.

Do a little test;  look for the name Obama in that editorial. 

You won't find it.

In the press and most other media today Obama has nothing to do with anything that that goes wrong.  If you read or hear them, he is trying to prevent all that those evil, rich Republicans are doing to you.  That is why the low information voter still blames Bush after he's been out of office for over four years and for part of that time Obama and the Democrats have controlled the House, the Senate and the White House.  And still Donny Luzzatto can't make himself say that Obama's part of the problem.  If there is a problem, it's the generic "Congress." 

What incredible bullshit!

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