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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Obamas Recreate French Court Before the Revolution.


CNN: Michelle O's dress 'cost around $12,000'...

More than median yearly household income worldwide...

Beef, caviar and Mary J. Blige...

Hollywood-Heavy Invite List...

MCDONALD'S Offers Valentines Day Romantic Dinner...

That is one ugly dress.

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I think the dress is pretty enough. Not a huge fan of the Obamas - their vision of America and the role of government is radically different from mine - but I think Michelle looks very nice and the kids are always appropriately turned out.

What I wonder about is - what if we elected a president whose wife was fat or otherwise unattractive? Eleanor Roosevelt is made fun of to this day and I actually think we're more visually oriented as a society now than we were then. I don't think the Obamas would have gotten close to the WH if they weren't attractive, both of them. Well, we get the government we deserve (sigh)
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Anon, thanks for your comment. I think the dress is ugly, not because Michelle is wearing it or because it is estimated to cost $12,000, but because it lacks any sense of grace or style. It’s faintly reminiscent of the kind of floor-length gowns worn by the French aristocracy at the court in Versailles – without the decorative flourishes. And it brought to mind the way the Obamas love of the kind of entertainment that reminds too many of the French court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who partied while the people suffered.

Your point about pretty people getting elected is a fair one, but then pretty and handsome people generally have an edge in life, not just politics. On the other hand, there are many elected officials who are either very plain or just ugly; Henry Waxman and Jerry Nadler are great examples. Mitch Mc Connell is not movie star material. Romney and his wife were both as physically attractive as the Obamas but it didn’t help them.
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