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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Former Virginian Pilot Publisher, Obama and McAuliffe Appointee, Maurice Jones, Breaks Federal Law

When you're part of the Obama Administration, fresh from publishing the Virginian Pilot, and being used to telling people what to do, a little thing like the law doesn't stop you.

An internal federal probe has concluded that Maurice Jones, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s new commerce secretary, improperly lobbied Congress while he was in the Obama administration last year.

Mr. Jones, who was a deputy secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, sent an email to more than 1,000 recipients — including 46 people at HUD — asking them to contact senators to “defend against efforts by some Republicans” to prevent a housing bill to come up for a vote, according to the internal probe. The message also asked “friends and supporters” to tell senators to vote “no” on another amendment.
A monthslong investigation by the HUD’s office of inspector general concluded that Mr. Jones and four others at HUD appear to have violated anti-lobbying laws, which restrict the use of funds for publicity or propaganda directed at pending legislation before Congress. The probe also concluded that Mr. Jones violated internal HUD policy on lobbying by federal employees.

Jones claimed ignorance.

“[Deputy secretary]{Jones} stated that it was articulated to him that ‘I could do things that others could not,’” investigators wrote in the report obtained by The Washington Times.

 Laws are for the little people.

The Obama DOJ - the most politicized in history  - declined to prosecute its own employee.   and the investigation is busy being swept under the rug.  I confidently predict that Jones will not be prosecuted.

One last point, this tireless advocate of the working man, managed to do very well for himself even as he was throwing others out of work.
In 2012, The Washington Times reported that a federal financial disclosure form showed Mr. Jones pocketed more than a quarter-million dollars in bonus compensation as publisher of the Virginian-Pilot about the same time he was slashing newsroom jobs.

The Virginian Pilot did not cover this story.  But then they have a history of refusing to cover the mishaps of their own employees, even when those employees are the victims of an unprovoked attack by a gang of black youths.

They speak like Marx, rule like Stalin, live like the Rockefellers while the people suffer.

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