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Saturday, February 01, 2014


GOP "Ruling Class" vs. The People



MAG: Principles 'Sophomoric'...

REPORT: Rank-and-file strongly opposed...

Business Execs Praise GOP Leaders... 

Zuckerberg group distributes memo on 'Shocking Extremism Behind Anti-Immigrant Groups'...

Launches Ad Campaign Praising New Plan...Sessions: 'Lawmakers must decide who they represent'...

From NR:
We hope the thinking behind the prospective push on immigration by the House Republican leadership isn’t as sloppy as thestatement of “principles” it released at the conference retreat in Cambridge, Md., yesterday. But that seems a wan hope. The principles could be the opening foray in one of the most mystifyingly stupid misadventures in recent congressional history, so perhaps it is appropriate that they were vague, sophomoric, and poorly written.
They spoke of the need to enforce our immigration laws but admitted the difficulty of that, given that Barack Obama currently has the responsibility for executing our nation’s laws. The principles thundered, “We must enact reform that ensures that a President cannot unilaterally stop immigration enforcement.” Maybe it was on the agenda of the House Republican retreat to believe six impossible things before breakfast, because the House is not going to come up with a clever way to bind the president in this manner.

From Breitbart

Immigration is the zombie of political issues--even when it is dead, it is still alive. The combination of the Democratic Party, business interests, and a GOP operative class yearning for its promise of improved standing with Hispanic voters means that you can never really count it out.

And Internet Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg thinks that opposing amnesty is not just wrong but Immoral.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (R) speaks during an onstage interview with James Bennet (L) of the Atlantic Magazine in Washington, September 18, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Zuckerberg group distributes memo on ‘The Shocking Extremism Behind Anti-Immigrant Groups’

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