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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Pete Seeger: Stalinist and Communist

The fact that Seeger was an apologist for the biggest mass murderer of the 20th - and an any other - century should be enough to make anyone with an ounce of morality in his body say "good riddance" at his death. 

But of course the fact that many moral cretins in and out of politics and academia openly proclaim themselves as Communists gives voice to the braying classes in the popular culture who send Seeger off with remarks like this from fellow traveler Barack Obama who proclaimed that Seeger: “... believed deeply in the power of song.” Yes, and Hitler also believed deeply in the power of song, newspapers, movies and all the rest of the tolls of propaganda to bring victory to the German Superman.

But other than moral leprosy, Seeger encouraged the no-talent, nasal, whiny cohort that characterizes so much of popular American music that sprouted like fungus in the 60s as anyone with the price of a guitar emulated.  The ability to actually carry a tune was immaterial since many of the sappy lyrics were spoken, not sung.  And you got extra points for having a speech impediment or sounded as if you had a permanent frog in your throat.  

Seeger's death makes the planet a more moral place, and one in which one's eardrums are somewhat less assaulted.  .     

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