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Friday, January 17, 2014


Liberal Quarantine

From the House of Eratosthenes

It really doesn’t take much to trash a place once you can manage to define, influence and eventually monopolize the prevailing viewpoint. It’s inevitable when people start to see self-improvement as a futile effort. Of course, that’s exactly the viewpoint liberalism keeps pushing…unless you count “be more liberal” as self-improvement. Education? They’re for it as long as it means being more liberal. If it means what it used to mean, if it has something to do with earning a more respectable living and making yourself more self-sufficient, they’re not for it anymore. Employment? They like the kind of employment that doesn’t actually produce anything. Service and sacrifice? Only if they get to choose. The soldier doesn’t have their respect. Freedom and personal choice? Again, the choice is for them.

It’s particularly depressing in California. Most other states, the folks in charge drone on and on about how each new year is going to be the best one ever for that state. Our folks only talk about the slim chance we have at maybe surviving this “crisis,” digging ourselves out of the hole. There’s no vision for actually winning at this thing. But that’s not to say there isn’t a stated answer. It’s always there, and it’s always more liberalism. We have the crime, we have the problems with our schools, we have the high taxes. And we have people leaving. Are they all conservatives? No. Just like the graphic says, the liberals vote in the nonsense and they get sick and tired of the messes they create, so they leave. They go someplace red, that’s missing the nonsense, and then they vote in more of it over there.

H/T Vander Leun


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