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Monday, January 06, 2014


Senate candidate suggests moving federal capital from Washington

Not a bad idea.  It would take the Ruling Class and their acolytes a few years to move, and that would buy the country some time.

One of the men seeking the GOP nomination for Nebraska’s open Senate seat is proposing moving the capital from Washington to his home state, saying it would be an effective way to cut out the lobbyists and special interests that have turned Capitol Hill into an ATM dispensing taxpayers’ money.

“That’s it, the way to cure the incredible ineffectiveness and dysfunction of both parties in Washington — we move the Capitol to Nebraska,” Ben Sasse, a university president and former Bush administration official, said in 3-0-second campaign ad that ran in Nebraska over the weekend during the NFL playoff games.

Mr. Sasse said he doesn’t actually believe there are the votes in Congress to move the capital, but said proposing the move is a “thought experiment” designed to pose the question of what the founders would think if they saw the influence-peddling and extent of federal intervention in Americans’ lives.

“I think that they, Nebraska work-a-day folks, think that we’re on the precipice of national decline and they don’t think Washington gets it at all,” Mr. Sasse said in a telephone interview.


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