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Tuesday, January 28, 2014



The Blaze ...

If you dare to challenge the scientific establishment generally, and its global warming adherents specifically, you better have deep pockets and plenty of time on your hands. That is the takeaway of the last 15 months, and soon to be more, of Mark Steyn’s life — one of the recent victims of the Left’s war on speech whose case has arguably been the least-covered but most deserving of your attention.

It should also be noted that Mark Steyn thinks that National Review is a bunch of wusses:

“by far the biggest consequence of this ridiculous case is in these [National Review's] pages. If you are only a print subscriber (as opposed to an Internet reader), you will have no idea that NATIONAL REVIEW is in the midst of a big free-speech battle on one of the critical public-policy issues of our time. There have been no cover stories, no investigative journalism, no eviscerating editorials. NR runs specialized blogs on both legal matters and climate change, yet they too have been all but entirely silent. I assume, from this lonely outpost on NR’s wilder shores, that back at head office they take the view that it’s best not to say anything while this matter works its way through the courts. In other words, a law explicitly intended to prevent litigious bullies from forcing their victims to withdraw from “public participation” has resulted in the defendants themselves voluntarily withdrawing from “public participation” . That’s nuts.

And that he has disassociated himself from NR:

All people that cherish and value their freedom should stand behind the Canadian Mr. Steyn who dared speak up for American “climate deniers,” and is now representing himself in the case, having parted ways with his prior joint legal representation with National Review.

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