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Monday, January 13, 2014


The "Big Money" Boogeyman

The shills who prate constantly about big money in politics are nauseating. Some even pretend that Obama gathered billions of dollars in contributions one dollar at a time. I recall, and probably you do too, that he gathered millions from anonymous donors via a credit card scam on which the security system was turned off. One of those donors even identified himself – and I ‘m not kidding – as Osama bin Laden, another as “Good will Hunting.”

Not one millionaire or billionaire has ever harmed me, but the Liberals in Washington have taken money from my pay and from my investment income, they have forced me to buy more expensive light bulbs, intruded into my bathroom and decided my toilet was a hazard to the planet, they have passed so many laws that I commit several felonies before breakfast. When they take charge of cities like Detroit they bleed them to death until they go bankrupt. They have forced millions to lose their health insurance under the pretense that they were going to improve American health care. They have imposed the largest Ponzi schemes in the history of the world via social Security and Medicare. They have transformed the world’s richest country into history’s brokest country without breaking a sweat. They own the distinction of spending a billion dollars on “stimulus” without actually creating a single job. They managed to elect a half-black President who promised to bridge the racial divided and who managed to set back race relations fifty years.

We are told to believe that Obama didn’t know about Fast and Furious, he didn’t know that the IRS going after conservative groups and auditing his political opponents, that he read about DOJ going after James Rosen in the paper, that NSA isn’t spying on Americans and that Benghazi was a demonstration about a video that got out of hand. We have to believe that when Obama told us we could keep our insurance, doctor and hospital if we wanted to he was telling the truth. And the press covered up the Obama scandals like a dog burying a bone.

But I’m supposed to fear rich people. Well there’s one rich person I fear and he’s named Obama. Not because he’s rich but because he or an underling can cause the entire power of the government – IRS, DOJ, EPA, and all the rest of the government’s alphabet agencies to come down on me and bury me.  And even if I'm as innocent as a lamb, that will make no difference; the process will destroy me.

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