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Sunday, January 05, 2014


U.S. Seeking al Qaeda Terrorist Linked to Benghazi Attack

The identification of Jamal as an al Qaeda member linked to the Benghazi attack contradicts a recent New York Times investigative report that concluded there was no evidence al Qaeda or foreign terrorists were behind the Benghazi attack that is currently the subject of several congressional inquiries.

The decks will; need a lot more clearing if the NY Slimes intends to make it easier for Hillary! to ascend to the throne.

But the history of smears and cover-ups by the Left teaches us that if we think that just because the first time a lie is uttered - and it's an obvious lie - that it does not need rebuttal, quickly and often until the one who lied is beaten to a veritable pulp. The Left has done a relentless job of driving serious examination of scandals like Fast and Furious, the IRS and the Tea Party, Benghazi the lies surrounding Obamacare and many others and making an examination of them out-of-bounds. They even made Bill Clinton's sexual acts with Monica Lewinski a point of pride! And don't you dare mention his rape of Juanita Broaddrick!

Unless there is a drumbeat to counter the Times' lies, it will soon become accepted that Benghazi was, just like Obama and Clinton lied initially, a demonstration that goes out of hand caused by a video.  

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