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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Media and Global Warming Priests Puzzled by Sun.

The band of brothers and sisters who are part of the Church of Global Warming have one thing in common. They "know" that the globe is warming.  It's now as much of their faith as the belief that they are the good people and those who disagree are anti-science knuckle-draggers when they are not on the payroll of evil oil companies.  

So when reality intrudes, it has to be fitted in where it can, so long as their basic beliefs are not impacted. This is their creed:

  • The globe is warming and mankind is the cause.  
And if it isn't warming, and hasn't for over a decade, they must find a reason that doesn't impact their faith.  Maybe the sun is masking the evil impact that man has on the climate?  Yes, that must be it!

From the BBC, global warming's Vatican: Has the Sun gone to sleep?

It's fairly clear from this report that the Global Warming Climate Change prophets did not take the sun into account when they created their models. They have no idea what happens if the sun does not warm the earth as much as they assume. Some are desperately hoping that man has a bigger effect on the earth's climate than the sun, otherwise things can get very, very cold. 

Another illustration of the fact that theirs is a faith-based belief system rather than a scientific one.

UPDATE:  Thanks for the link Ross, and I like your headline better.

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