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Sunday, February 09, 2014


Boy-Crazy Teacher Meredith Powell Raped Tacoma Teenagers, Police Say

This is becoming fairly common.  We have to do something about female sexual predators it the classroom.

Da tech guy amplifies this story and cites many, many more, commenting:

Meanwhile while all the stories above [read the whole thing] went unreported the story of the Church cracking down in seminaries and changing rules to stop the problem before it starts.(the Vatican web site is loaded and the link to it has been prominent on the front page for years) has also been ignored except to attack it as anti-gay

Now I’m not so naive to think that Glenn’s Instalance of Stacy piece will get the conversation started nationally but I have a suggestion.

Bookmark this link and the next time you hear someone make a snide remark about the church scandal & ending celibacy among Catholic priests cite a few of these examples then go to Stacy’s site and click on the crime link for more.

THEN ask when the Public Schools, Private Schools, Hollywood, the Boy Scouts the US swim team and Sesame Street will end celibacy & allow employees to marry.

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