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Thursday, February 06, 2014


The End of An Error

Bud Norman marks the retirements of Henry "Nostrilitus" Waxman, George Miller, Tom Harkin and Max Baucus
The estimable psephologist Michael Barone has reminded us that with Waxman and fellow Rep. George Miller of California both declining to seek re-election, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa making the same decision, and Sen. Max Baucus of Montana opting for an even cushier job as ambassador to China, the infamous freshman class will finally have almost fully graduated to private life after decades of legislative mischief. Two lone hold-outs will remain in the Senate after this fall’s mid-term elections, but it is almost the end of an error.

These incredibly harmful politicians were bookends to the most harmful political actions of my lifetime. Perhaps not since the Civil War have political figures done so much damage to this country. With the sole exception of the brief shining moment of Ronald Reagan, these vermin did their best to destroy America and Barack Obama is their child.

Reaganism proved only another brief interregnum, however, and the seeds planted in ’74 would bear their most bitter fruit decades later. Among the other accomplishments of the mid- to late-‘70s government were the Community Reinvestment Act that provided the legal authority for the disastrous subprime lending policies of the Clinton and Bush administrations and the subsequent economic crash of ’08 that has still defied full recovery, as well as the Church Committee reforms that so constrained America’s intelligence gathering capabilities that the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks were made possible. The two greatest tragedies thus far in America’s 21st Century began in the late ‘70s of the 20th Century, and were voted for by Democrats who stuck around long enough to see President Barack Obama capitulate to the Russians and Chinese on everything, spend money as if it could simply be printed up, write up regulations and social engineering projects on a scale that make the ‘70s seem sober, and pass an Obamacare law that will ultimately do more economic damage than even the subprime schemes he is hoping to revive.
We can pray that the laws of physics - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - will sweep the res of the '70 detritus away and bring us back to the pats of righteousness.


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