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Friday, February 21, 2014


A Friendly Visit From the FCC

It appears, per Bud Norman, that with the exception of FOX News and the editorial pages of the Wall street Journal, the MSM really isn't bothered by the FCC's announcement that they're going to be checking up on what stories are being reported and how they are covered. Well, when your already the organ of the ruling party, that doesn't bother you.

The Fox New Network is on the story, possibly because they’re the ones whose reporters have treated as criminal co-conspirators and excluded from the White House news pool and routinely criticized by every level of the administration, and the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page and the radio talk shows have been paying some attention for obvious reasons of their own, but otherwise the story has gone largely unnoted. In our years of journalism we endured many a journalist’s self-righteous sermon about the obligation of the press to bravely resist any governmental interference, but that was mostly during Republican administrations, when nothing like the FCC’s current curiosity and the nation’s slide down the rankings of press freedom ever occurred, and at this moment of hope and change none of the over-the-air networks seem terribly concerned that their notions of the news consumers’ critical information needs will differ much from the government’s.

If proof is needed that the MSM is composed of Democrats with bylines, this is all the proof you really need. A watchdog doesn't growl at his master.

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Saaay... Nice lil' news operation yuze got goin' here. Sure would be a real shame if sumpin' wuz t' happen to it, if ya know wuddai mean.

Perhaps me 'n' da boyze can keep yuze safe from, shall we say, "untoward events" --- for a modest "consideration."
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