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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Bringing America Down a Peg? This is how it feels.

It's a sign of the times. Medea Benjamin, peace activist extraordinaire, Code Pink founder and all around San Francisco screwball, gets manhandled by Egyptian police, her arm broken and sent out of the country on the next plane.  
Whatever happened to that long ago line “you can’t do this to me. I’m an American”? Maybe times have changed.

Richard Fernandez:

Too many people frittered away the Design Margin. It was spent and squandered by those both who felt it was immoral to be so rich and while simultaneously convinced these riches were inexhaustible. It happened because too many worked tirelessly to take America down a peg or two, out of spite; and from a sense of unassailable superiority. People who thought it was OK to blow the stash; open the borders; downsize the armed forces. Guys who believed you could churn out paper dollars and issue empty threats ad infinitum. Because like Paul Krugman once said: we can invent an alien invasion from outer space if we need to.

And now they find their arms being broken by Cairo police. When and how did Medea Benjamin become a nobody? Maybe it happened this way: when those who dreamed of a weaker, helpless America forgot that in so doing they would also be bringing down themselves.

I wonder how Obama likes being kicked to the curb by a man who is in charge of a poor country inhabited by alcoholics with a 63 year life expectancy? He worked all his life, hid his past, lied about his intentions and turned the IRS into a political weapon to get where he is. And now the prize he wanted, the office he sought, is crumbling, and he's the one who made it crumble.

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