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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Obama Visits Gap, Amazed by Credit Card Machine

Remember when the MSM ridiculed Bush for not knowing about supermarket scanners?  That story was false but the MSM didn't care, they used it as a tool to help their guy, Jimmy Carter, win.

On Tuesday, President Obama took Air Force One to New York to stop at the Gap in order to flog his case against income inequality. And there, Americans learned he had no idea how to use a credit card machine.

According to the White House press pool, Obama visited Gap because the company recently announced that it would voluntarily increase wages for employees. After telling employees that “the ladies will be impressed by my sense of style,” Obama then picked up a couple of sweaters for his girls, Sasha and Malia.

Upon checking out, however, the problems began. Obama took out his credit card and began handing it to the cashier, who told him that he could swipe his credit card in the automated machine. “Oh, wow,” Obama said, “so you can sign the machine?” He then said he was kidding: “They had these around the last time I shopped.”

From the MSM, otherwise known as Obama's Palace Guard, no a mention.

Oh, and several more things wrong with this little episode. What's "President Global Warming" doing taking Air Force One to NY City for a photo-op. He can get there on the bus for $50 or take the train for $100. Instead he uses the gas guzzling 747, at a cost to taxpayers of $228,228 per hour, for the short hop to NYC, and of course snarls traffic for hours while he "shops" at the Gap.  But hey, it's not coming out of Obama's pocket and he's not snarled in traffic while in NYC.  Worrying about money, and getting stuck in traffic is for the little people.

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