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Saturday, March 01, 2014


Obama Commerce Department Overstated Economic Growth by 25%. What Else Is A Lie?

It was revealed that the Obama Commerce Department overstated the amount of economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2013 by over 25%. They admitted that the economy grew at an annual rate of 2.4% instead of 3.2%. It is not known whether the earlier reports were the result of a deliberate lie or simply the result of incompetence.  It is, however, part of a pattern of deception, lies and outright fabrication on the part of the Obama Administration.  

Remember how often Obama promised you could keep your health insurance if you liked it?  That you could keep your doctor?  That ObamaCare would save you $2500 per year?  That was not a simple slip of the tongue, or miscalculation.  That was a blatant, deliberate, deadly lie.  

The Obama Administration has learned from dictatorships overseas that lying about the economy will often work to quell popular discontent.  The people of Venezuela, for example, have been lied to about the economic disaster that is overtaking that oil-rich country ... until shortages began to appear and, for example, it became impossible to buy toilet paper.  

Few American either know or care about economic statistics being cooked up in Washington.  What will it take here?  A toilet paper shortage?  More probably seeing your wife, your daughter or your parent dying because ObamaCare denied them life-saving treatment.  

Perhaps that's what Harry Reid's outrageous lies on the floor of the Senate are all about.  Could it be that they are preparing the battle-space for the time, in the not-too-distant future when people are actually dying because of ObamaCare.  In a country of 300 million, with a compliant media, the Democrats can spread the word that those stories about people dying are lies.  After all, Paul Krugman has already told his readers that all those stories about England's dysfunctional health care system are lies.

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Overstated by a third (33.33%). Which, of course, assumes we can trust the rest of the numbers. Which I do ot.


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