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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Liberal fool gulled by a fool.

At Neo-Neocon the author notes that a number of Liberals are saying that George Romney was right about Russia and Obama was wrong.  But they work hard to avoid coming to the conclusion that the fault is in Obama's understanding of reality.

Dave Weigel at Slate is held up as an example.

She quotes Weigel:
Romney was right. Why was Obama wrong? Because, I think, he was willfully blurring the distinction between “geopolitical” and other sorts of threats. He was playing to the cheap seats.

And explains why he's wrong.
Weigel might wonder how it was and why it was that Romney got it right and Obama wrong. Maybe Romney’s general outlook about the geopolitical world was actually more correct? Instead, Weigel assumed that Obama knew the truth but pretended he didn’t. However, if Obama was the “player of a cheap trick” in this regard, maybe that’s what he is: a bagful of cheap tricks, and a liar as well? Maybe that bag fooled Weigel and most of his illustrious colleagues? Maybe Obama’s not what he appeared to be at all?

Let's underline that part about Weigel assuming that Obama knew better but was telling people what they wanted to hear. Weigel thinks Obama was lying about what he really believes; because he desperately wants to think that Obama's not as stupid, as ideologically blind, as he appears to be. Because that would mean that he, Weigel, has been gulled by a fool.

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