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Monday, March 17, 2014


CURL: We completely overhauled American health care — to insure 4.2 million people?

The number bounced around for years — 46 million.

President Obama said it in August 2009: “I don’t have to explain to you that nearly 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance coverage today. In the wealthiest nation on Earth, 46 million of our fellow citizens have no coverage.”

He said it dozens more times, including in June 2013: “We are not a nation that accepts nearly 46 million uninsured men, women and children.”

The Obama administration pumped the number with official reports. The White House Council of Economic Advisers said, “Perhaps the most visible sign of the need for health care reform is the 46 million Americans currently without health insurance.” The Census Bureau got in on the act, too, saying some 48 million Americans lacked health insurance.

It was official: Nearly 15 percent of America’s 313 million citizens had no coverage and were, as Mr. Obama loved to say over and over to hype the fear, “one illness away from financial ruin.”

So, he created Obamacare. The crux of the biscuit: The United States would completely change its entire health care system to make sure those 46 million got insured. Well, at least that’s what every rational American thought. If there are 46 million uninsured, and the president and Congress are overhauling the system, it must be to solve the whole problem — not just part of it.

But last week came word that with just 15 days left for people to enroll for federal coverage, just 4.2 million had. The math is simple: That’s just 9 percent of the supposedly 46 million uninsured.

“It will be a larger number than that by the end of March,” Mr. Obama promised in an interview with WebMD. “At this point, enough people are signing up that the Affordable Care Act is going to work.”

Still, the obvious question is: We changed the $2.7 trillion health care system to sign up 4.2 million people?
What’s surprising is how little the mainstream media cares. The White House now says it was hoping to enroll 8 million in the first year — but does anyone remember that being a big selling point as the president crisscrossed the country scaring Americans? And no one in the MSM blinked an eye when the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that in 2023, Obamacare will still have left 31 million people without health insurance while adding more than $1.7 trillion in federal spending.

"How little the mainstream media cares."  And that's the real point. The people who have nothing to do all day but try to figure out what's happening became cheerleaders for ObamaCare. They dismissed everyone who said that this was going to be a disaster.  And it is a disaster.  And now that "you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor, you'll save $2500 per year" has been shown to be perhaps the biggest lie of this young century, the media doesn't care. It turns out that they really don't care about those 46 million uninsured either. If they did they would be asking questions about why ObamaCare has only signed up less than 10% of the people Obama said his program was going to insure. But they don't care. They care of about increasing the power of the ruling class. They care about changing the culture. They care that they get to set the agenda for the "little people." They revel in the fact that they are part of the Ruling Class.

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