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Sunday, March 09, 2014


Respect the office of President? Why?

Barack “Corpseman” Obama couldn't spell RESPECT, despite the fact that it’s almost impossible to misspell.  That dreadful song by Aretha Franklin is burned in my brain thanks to hearing it played endlessly for years. 

 It brought to my mind that one of the most popular refrains one hears from the media is that we should “respect the office” of the President. Like any slogan or piece of propaganda that is repeated incessantly, you nod and agree. But why?

What does “respect the office” even mean? 

 Synonyms for respect include: reverence, admiration, esteem, veneration, high opinion. But if the slogan is right, we should esteem an office even if it’s occupied by a buffoon, a poltroon, a crook, an egotistical jackass on stilts. 

Though about that way it becomes immediately clear that it’s the person holding the office that give the office respect, not the other way around. An office is not a disembodied thing that exists ex nihilo and can go marching along without an occupant. So “respect the office” is one of those empty phrases that are mainly used in political arguments by the Left as a way of shutting off criticism of Obama. It’s used as a coat to clothe the naked truth about Obama; he’s just not respectable no matter what office he happens to occupy.

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I find this respect for the Office thing interesting because if the office holder doesn't have respect for the office, its unlikely anyone else will either.
Obama is much in love with the trappings of the office,("I can do anything I want as President") lavish parties, Air Force One at his beck and call, golfing at exclusive clubs, being able to send his wife, daughters, and dogs on separate vacations on separate planes on the tax payer's dime, appointing friends and major contributors with no experience to high office , traveling the world, having people swoon over you, yeah this being president thing is a pretty good gig.
But respect for the office comes from within, from the knowledge that you are the chief public servant, instead we have a chief exec who makes public enemies of those who pay the freight for his extravagance, he repeatedly lies to the people to support his takeover of the health care system, he violates his oath of office by changing laws on a whim and picking and choosing which laws he will enforce, he violates the constitution when he uses the IRS and NSA to entrench his own power, he takes credit for the bravery of others in the killing of Osama bin Laden while ducking responsibility when things go amiss as in Christopher Stevens and the brave defenders in Benghazi.
This R E S P E C T is an tricky wave to ride.
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