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Saturday, March 15, 2014


More Times Lies

Old lies by the NY Times are gradually being exposede, or reality exposes them for us.  The Times' Walter Durante lied about the extermination of the Kulaks under Staln - a lie for which the Times collected a Pulitzer Prize.

The Times lied about Fidel Castro, it's reporter Herbert Matthews labeling him a "Latin American hero."  

And now it turns out that you can forget all you ever "knew" about the murder of Kitty Genovese. She was killed by a Black serial rapist. The rest was a fable, created by Abe Rosenthal who transformed her death from a crime into a profoundly disturbing - but totally fictitious - sociological trend. It was a lie from beginning to the end, manufactured by the NY Times.

Glenn Reynolds:
Insider Timesman lunches with police bigshot, publishes version of story that lets police off the hook, does incalculable damage to national psyche. All in a day’s work. . . .
When you read your newspaper, watch the alphabet network news and listen to the "comics"  slander conservatives, keep in mind that they are simply repeating what they read in the NY Slimes.

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