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Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Last month Islamic terrorists slaughtered 130 innocent men and women, the youngest aged just 17, in a series of vicious attacks across Paris. More than 40,000 government leaders, negotiators and activists subsequently arrived in Paris to decide what the global temperature will be for people whose grandparents haven't been born yet.
If you want to get an idea of exactly where political priorities are in 2015, the above paragraph is a pretty good place to start.

...Appropriately enough, the climate change conference kicked off with a speech from murderous Zimbabwean tyrant bastard Robert Mugabe, who isn't exactly unfamiliar with large body counts. That includes his 91st birthday party earlier this year, which featured a feast of buffalo, impala and a baby elephant.

"Unless current trends are reversed, disaster stalks planet Earth," Mugabe told the conference, before presumably heading for the French capital's Parc Zoologique to see if it had a drive-through.


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